Join archetypal dreamwork teacher and practitioner 
Michelle MacNeil for an exploration of the sacred landscape and feeling experience of dreams. Michelle is a Natural Dreamwork practitioner offering interactive dream sessions for the courageous soul. 

Michelle is an artist healer who has been exploring her dreams for 23 years. She is a passionate believer in the ability of ones dreams to lead towards deep healing and wholeness, a knowing of our true selves, a knowing of our work in the world, and to sensing our spiritual connection. She is a dream practitioner, community builder, architect, entrepreneur, visionary, and filmmaker. 


She has collaborated on three films about dreams, including Telling Dreams of the Departed. This film explores loss, longing, and connection through the dreams of those whose loved ones returned to them after death and proposes that the interconnection between worlds is fluid and alive, which can be viewed on the films page.


Her dream practice includes envisioning and creating performance art events which center around dreams, grief and spirituality and how these are expressed in community.  She offers presentations on 12 step programs and how dreams support the journey of recovery. She also offers dream circles, dream events centered around the labyrinth, and retreats which provide a safe space to journey into the soul through acting out an individual's dreams in a group setting.